eSIM bahrain

  • Works in Bahrain
  • Valid 7 – 30 days
  • Delivered the same day by email
  • Data plans 1GB / 3GB / 5GB

The validity of the package starts with scanning the QR code.

The eSIM must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

Full data rates.

no daily limits.

no limitation.

Mobile hotspot is supported.

Connects to Batelco STC Zain network with 4G LTE speeds.

Only usable with eSIM-compatible phones and tablets that are not equipped with a SIM lock.

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eSIM bahrain

eSIM bahrain for travel to bahrain, Introaming offers a convenient and flexible option for mobile connectivity. Instead of having to purchase and install a physical SIM card, eSIM-capable devices allow you to easily download a digital profile.

Using eSIM bahrain offers several advantages:

  1. ease: You do not have to buy or exchange a physical SIM card. This way you can easily download and activate an eSIM profile from your smartphone settings.
  2. Flexibility: With eSIM you can quickly switch providers, without the hassle of finding and buying a new SIM card.
  3. International travel: For travel from other countries to bahrain, eSIM bahrain offers a convenient way to stay connected without having to purchase a local SIM card.
  4. Cost reduction: Introaming offers special eSIM plans for travel that are cheaper than traditional prepaid plans.

Please note that not all mobile devices support eSIM, so it is important to check if their device is compatible before traveling.

Introaming offers a convenient and modern solution to stay connected during your stay in bahrain.

How it works:


Buy your eSIM


Check your email for the QR code and installation instructions


Scan the QR code on your device

Android iPhone

Follow the instructions on your phone to install the eSIM


Enjoy your journey